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Majestic Hotel Tower
Rating 8.5
Majestic Hotel Tower
Very good for traveling with friends
Dubai City, United Arab Emirates Dubai City, United Arab Emirates
* Price Comparison for 1 night 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08 for two people, found on Hotellook
Swiss Hotel Corniche
Rating 7.3
Swiss Hotel Corniche
Fair hotel for solo travelers
Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates
* Price Comparison for 1 night 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08 for two people, found on Hotellook
* Price Comparison for 1 night 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08 for two people, found on Hotellook
The Palms Hotel & Spa
Rating 8.4
The Palms Hotel & Spa
Very good romantic hotel
Miami Beach, United States Miami Beach, United States
* Price Comparison for 1 night 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08 for two people, found on Hotellook
Hotel Fort Canning
Rating 8.7
Hotel Fort Canning
Excellent boutique hotel
Singapore, Singapore Singapore, Singapore
* Price Comparison for 1 night 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08 for two people, found on Hotellook
Belmond La Residence d
Rating 9.2
Belmond La Residence d'Angkor
Excellent romantic hotel
Siem Reap, Cambodia Siem Reap, Cambodia
$1 972
* Price Comparison for 1 night 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08 for two people, found on Hotellook
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With Hotellook, it’s not a problem to settle in a perfect accommodation at the best rate. Not so long ago, you could only dream about an easy and fast hotel reservation, even for a holiday in a nearby town. Travellers had to agree to any conditions because of the lack of information. Moreover, the chosen position in reality often did not correspond to the stated terms and conditions. Now, you need just a couple of clicks to simply and safely find and reserve accommodation anywhere. Compare hotel prices for the most popular directions and make your choice.
discount 40%
Very good hotel for solo travelers
3.9 km from Barcelona city center
Rating 8.1 Hotel Catalonia Castellnou Catalonia Castellnou From $64
discount 56%
Excellent boutique hotel
1.8 km from Barcelona city center
Rating 9 Hotel Room Mate Pau Room Mate Pau From $130
discount 23%
Very good hotel
2.9 km from Ronda city center
Rating 8.1 Hotel Sierra Hidalga Hotel Sierra Hidalga From $53
discount 60%
Room needs to be improved
0.8 km from Istanbul city center
Rating 5.7 Ast Group Hotel Ast Group Hotel From $14
discount 60%
good hotel
0.6 km from Istanbul city center
discount 58%
Very good business hotel
3.1 km from New York City city center
Rating 8.5 Hotel Lucerne Hotel Lucerne From $186

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Experienced travellers know what they should pay attention to. Is your goal to explore the world? Is a business trip common for you? First you need to think of a proper hotel booking. If you are new to the world of independent travel, do not worry – with our help, you will succeed. London, Singapore, Paris, and Barcelona – every city will become closer to you. The main thing is that our search system is simple and secure. Having specified the required direction, dates and number of visitors, you will get, immediately and completely free of charge, a list of the most profitable options with a map notation, lots of illustrations, descriptions of the services provided, reviews by other travellers and the indication of the hotel prices. Using the services of Hotellook, you can not only make cheap hotel reservations but also learn useful information about the selected city.
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Going on a trip, you are ready to dive into a new world and have a memorable (and, of course, positive) experience. You are making plans, looking forward to meeting new places and people, thinking over the sightseeing program and counting the days before you leave. Moreover, you do not want to spoil the holiday. The right choice of a hotel, which will replace your own home for some time, contributes to a pleasant journey a lot.

Hotellook is the best assistant of any independent traveler. We make the process of booking hotels worldwide an easy and entertaining task. No matter what part of the world you choose, for how long you need a hostel, hotel or apartment, we will always find a good solution. In addition, accommodation prices will be a pleasant surprise to you. Our search engine examines thousands of offers from leading reservation systems and finds the best prices and the most profitable options.

For each hotel, you will find colourful pictures, real reviews, and detailed descriptions. Convenient search filters from the stars and rating to the availability of parking will help you to avoid confusion and to select the desired accommodation. In addition, an interactive map helps to find a hotel in the right area.

Our service does not require any fees. Millions of people have already benefited from our website and gone on vacation, a business trip or a romantic weekend. Choose a city and dates and travel with Hotellook!

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Are you dreaming to see new places, but not sure that there is enough money for it? Have you wanted for a long time to go to the sea, but had to postpone the trip again and again because of the rising costs? The solution is here – there are options that are cheap near the places you like most of all. Choose an additional filter when searching for a hotel in the desired city or country, and you can select the cheap option near the sea, attractions, or popular itineraries.

Hotellook is a travel search engine that looks for prices among all the global hotel reservation systems and provides information in a simple form. Our service allows you to see all the prices in reservation systems, compare all offers and choose the best. Our mission is to make the planning of the trip easier for both independent and business travellers. We invite you to use Hotellook for your next trip!

Moscow Singapore New York City London Paris Bangkok
hotel collections
4 star hotels
  • 10
  • $24
    average price
  • 9.0
    average rating
Do you want to book a hotel with high-quality service not overpaying for a well-known name or unused offers? You should definitely take a look at our collection of 4 star hotels in Moscow, carefully selected by our team for you.
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Top-10 hotels in the center of Singapore
  • 10
  • $168
    average price
  • 8.8
    average rating
It is not a surprise that many guests arriving to Singapore pay great attention to the location of their hotel. That's why we've prepared a collection of the hotels in the center with cheap hotel rates starting from $53.
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Pets-friendly hotels in New York City
  • 10
  • $334
    average price
  • 9.3
    average rating
"We are responsible for those who tamed "- said Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The cost of hotel accommodation with animals in New York City starts from $169.
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London hotels with lake view
  • 4
  • $191
    average price
  • 6.1
    average rating
Do you want to enjoy beautiful view out of your window? Out of 5473 hotels we have selected the best hotels with lake view with cheap hotel rates starting from $164.
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Business hotels in Paris
  • 10
  • $199
    average price
  • 9.3
    average rating
Every day a few thousands of people come to Paris on a business trip. We know the best place for them to stop! Here is the collection of business hotels in Paris with cheap hotel rates starting from $34.
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Bangkok hotels for families with children
  • 10
  • $97
    average price
  • 9.1
    average rating
In order to make your trip to Bangkok with children a memorable one, you need to choose the right hotel. Cheap hotel rates for families with children in Istanbul start from $9.
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